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Non Certified Dental Crowns Spreading Cancer in India

December 16: Yes, you read it right, Cancer!!! Chinese products or made-in-China goods have been accused of decades of their quality issues. Now this time, dental crowns manufactured in china zirconia are taking over the trend these days for the presence of cancer-causing radioactive substances. The biomedical and dental implants made by various Chinese manufacturing companies have been known to use some radioactive compounds in the process, which on longer time use, poses the risk of causing cancers in the mouth. These all are non-certified Chinese products

Let us now have a look at the aftereffects of using the Chinese-made dental crowns that are mouth and neck cancer.

After Root Canal Treatment, aka RCT, patients need a tooth crown or cap. Now there are multiple materials available in the market: metal and Metal-Free. Metal-free (Zirconia) are in high demand. It gives a natural look, high strength, and is  biocompatible. In old age, we used metal, gold, etc.

At present many dentists use metal and layers with a neighbouring colour to give a natural look. But if you have metal teeth, you cannot do MRI whenever needed, and it is not suggested for the long term. Zirconia crowns or metal-free crowns have been trending for the last 10 years.

Looking at the demand, Chinese companies are selling non-certified zirconia, which has radioactive elements, to India and the subcontinent at the lowest price. The price of certified dental material Vs non-certified Chinese is ten times cheaper or sometimes 15 times lower.

This price difference attracts our Dentists and Dental labs to use such radioactive material. It’s not only their fault. Even as consumers or patients, we never ask which crown or cap they are using. Is it certified? All certified companies profile authentication cards so that patients can check and be sure of what has been placed in their mouth. 3M Dental, Dentsply, Dental Direkt, etc. all give authentication cards on each crown.

Moreover, It’s a moral duty of all our Indian Dentists to use only certified Dentist material.

Efforts have been made by the worldwide community to reduce the usage of naturally occurring radioactive elements. The porcelain formulas should not intentionally contain any radioactive component, according to the International Standards Organization and the American Dental Association, in collaboration with the American National Standards Institute.

Both the medical and dental professions are worried about dental treatment safety and any potential health hazards linked with the materials used to replace teeth. If material is deemed biocompatible, it should not cause inflammatory reactions and should not cause allergic, immunological, toxic, mutagen, or carcinogenic effects.

Both porcelain and zirconia crowns are safe from a radiation standpoint. The quantity of radioactivity in these crowns is minimal and in low concentrations, similar to the amount found naturally in your body.

Zirconium dioxide (zirconium dioxide) and zirconium metal (zirconium metal) are not radioactive. The production methods break apart the zircon crystal structure, allowing the uranium and thorium atoms to escape. As a result, dental implants, biomedical implants, and jewelry constructed of cubic zirconia contain no radioactive residues.

Thus, it is no denying fact that the Chinese dental restorations that do not conform to the standards contain heavy radioactive metals that are quite harmful and in fact life-threatening to be used in the long run.

What’s the solution?

A simple solution is using branded dental crowns, which are medically certified for biocompatibility. There are various brands like 3M Dental and Dental Direkt Germany. These brands offer various dental products that are safe to be used. These are the best zirconiacrowns brands in India, which have been certified by many medical agencies nationally and internationally.

Comparing these two brands, we will say that both are manufactured in German, and there is no compromise in quality, so there is no difference at this point, but, comparing the price there is a great difference in ceramic tooth cap priceceramic dentures, and metal-ceramic crown pricezirconia tooth crown, and zirconia dental implants costesthetic dental ceramics and zirconium dentures cost, etc.

In India, the total cost of 3M zirconia crowns is determined by dentist fees and laboratory prices. The price of 3M zirconia crowns is extremely high. The price of 3M zirconia fluctuates between ₹15,000 and ₹30,000 per crown. If the cost of zirconia crowns is prohibitively expensive for you, there is another option in the market called Dental Direkt.  Dental Direkt, a German-certified company or brand that delivers the same high-quality zirconia as 3M at a more inexpensive price range of ₹8000 – 15,000, sells zirconia crowns.

Choosing the right kind of Zirconia crowns is most important because it’s a question of our own health and survival. It becomes our prime duty to discuss with your dentist before finalizing the crown material for your teeth. Think twice and get the best branded Zirconia restorations.

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