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DYNAMIX CREATION – We, The Creator of Your Imaginations

Covid-19 took a lot from this world. Our loved ones, homes, jobs, our

freedom, and many dreams. The year 2020 a curse for many but a gift for

Dynamic Creation, video production, and graphic designing StartUp. We both

also lost our jobs and saving, but the thing which can’t be taken from us was

our creativity, our inspiration to connect with others, our skills to create and

design. We were planning our StartUp for a year but not willing to leave our

job and work on our StartUp. So, Covid-19 and social media, of course,

gave us an opportunity to work on our dreams harder.

We tried our best to attract customers for our video production and graphic

designing services and start posting our work everywhere. We posted twice

a day on every social media platform and every possible group. We mailed

more than 400 companies to show our skills. All of a sudden magic happens

and, within a week,

we got a big project for us and, then we started getting leads one after another.

We learned more and more tactics to engage more audiences with us. Within a few months, we got our official website and some

respectable clients.

But we don’t want to stick with money or corporate clients only! We wanted

more and more people to connect and create. We decided to divide our

StartUp into two and, we thought let’s entertain and educate others also. We

started our YouTube channel to tell others about how you can create and

connect with others. After nine months we got a fair enough response till

now with more than 5000 subscribers.

By the end of the year 2020, we learnt that we could connect with anyone in

this world only if you know how to create!

So, Let’s create to Connect.

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