The online Tarot Card Reader and Tarot Trainer – Shikha Sharma


“Her courage always rises with every attempt to intimidate her.”Meet the online Tarot Card Reader and Tarot Trainer, who has been constantly working in changing people’s lives for the last 11 years, Shikha Sharma.
Shikha is a B.Ed. qualified teacher, professional Tarot Card Reader, and Trainer, with her prowess in Counselling through Tarot. 
Shikha started her extraordinary journey when she first entered the ancient world of the Tarot that instantly mesmerized and enchanted her. 
Her debut of 2010 was the stepping stone that has now led her to have provided 5000+ Tarot Readings, numerous clients who would come for the big revelation, and students who strive to pursue their career in the profession of Tarot.

Her empire for the last 11 years has evolved impressively and those who had been a part of her journey are filled with nothing but nostalgia and her wise words.
The guidances and readings that Shikha provides are so strongly accurate, that it wouldn’t be a surprise if you’re left astonished by them. Her highly intuitive deductions and empathetic nature not only make her popular but a people’s favorite.
Her sole aim in life is to mark this world as a better and peaceful place worth living and to help the ones living here as much as possible for the greater good.
Shikha aspires to diminish all the myths and false notions people possess about the Tarot by educating them consistently about this mystical art.
Her collaboration with ‘Turning Finger’ tends to initiate this on a bigger scale with many zealous participants from different parts of the world who seek the true knowledge and wisdom that one remains bereft of.

Her clientele is not restricted to her nation but has earned fame and respect in other countries of the world such as Australia, New Zealand, UAE, and South Africa.
Even though known internationally, Shikha tends to remain humble in her demeanor and has a strong sense of integrity.
Whenever asked about her work, Shikha would only smile and quote, “Cards don’t lie, people do.” 
Her intuitive abilities would not only present what was spoken but also reveal the unspoken.
Albeit facing critics of her work almost every day of her life, Shikha has no intention to cease. She believes that if there are some who criticize her, means she is moving ahead and finally doing something good.


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