The Hidden Story Of a Player – Tarun Mehroliya

Tarun Mehroliya - hidden story of a player
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It’s not the name that makes you famous, it’s the hard work that helps you to make your name famous. Everyone in this world is born with talents and passion. Sports, athlete, player, singer, dancer, entrepreneur, artists and many more. If everyone would have been a doctor or engineer this world would have been boring. But pursuing passion needs luck and hard work. Not everyone is gifted with that. Every human being with talent has different hardships to overcome. Earning, society and support. Every famous celebrity has their own hardships and struggling life. Some achieved their dreams, some left their dreams at the initial place. We are all familiar with a bat-ball game known as cricket. Yet there is more equipment than a bat and a ball. It is a game played between two teams of eleven members. Every street has a great cricketer, but how many of them are finally living their dreams. We all have heard the names of Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Rahul Dravid and more. The famous cricketers who are well known and have also heard about their great stories while they were in their struggling period. Today we have one more hidden story who overcomes the hurdles of real-life and achieves what he wanted. We are going to unwrap about ICC Cricket Coach Tarun Mehroliya. Who lived and fulfilled his dreams with responsibility towards his family.

Personal overview

Every day news comes with a new and young talent in every industry. In the world of cricket there is Tarun Mehroliya who had a keen passion for cricket. There were lots of hardships that he went through and achieved what he dreamt of. Let’s unlock the hidden story. Tarun belongs to hometown which is in New Delhi. He belongs to a family of 4 members consisting of his mother, an elder brother and a sister. After his fathers sad demise their family faced financial difficulties. Tarun started playing cricket when he was merely in 8years of age. And continue it at a certain period of time. As his family financial hardship was a great stone in between his passion. He was unable to get proper cricket equipment due to money problems. Main reason for not pursuing the passion was also the non paying of academic fees, match fees or travelling. Yet his friends helped him in lending their cricket equipment. Taruns relatives and family also supported him for his dream. But he put a pause for his passion and took the responsibility to stabilize the family financial situation. He completed his schooling through Ramjas School. After that he pursued his graduation through Delhi University. He started working for a private company and stabilized the financial situation. But a piece was missing from the life puzzle. Job was fulfilling the living needs but his soul was still tied with his dream of being a famous cricketer.

Career Overview

Like a milestone Tarun started working for private companies but just earning was not enough. Tarun wanted to live with his life – cricket. Starting with players he started coaching the children. He started with 2-3 childrens in public parks. It led him to good results. From there he accelerated his career in his passion. His coaching directly or indirectly helps Tarun and young minds to follow their passion. After some time some schools and academies offered him as a professional Coach in 2 years of span. He didn’t want to settle for less. His interest in cricket led him to be a Player at Zone District West – A . Directorate Of Education Delhi. After which he started playing like a pro. He also started playing at District Cricket Association Fatehabad, which is an Affiliate to Haryana Cricket Association. Haryana cricket association is the governing body of the cricket activities in the haryana state. It is an Affiliate to *Board Of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

Tarun Mehroliya - hidden story 1of a player

Tarun was a Former Player at 50th Kuantan International Cricket Sixes Malaysia. It is an Affiliate to Malaysia Cricket Association, they entered their name in Guinness World Record as the longest-running six-a-side cricket tournament in the world. He was also a player at SGDF National Approved by : Ministry of MSME Govt Of India (UAM/RJ21D0006388). He wanted to do something big so he joined some cricket coaching courses for recognition and today he is “ICC ASIA/ SINGAPORE CRICKET ASSOCIATION LEVEL 1  COACH” and  (BPES) Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports. He is still trying to work for other big achievements. Level 1 coach course provides technical skills, game understanding, teaching techniques, effective ways to conduct training sessions and motivating young talent to join the game. He has also done a Sports Coaching course and joined Australian Coaching Council.


Self-realization and hard work set an example to bring a change in society. With a history of hardships, Tarun has made a promise of helping unprivileged children. So that no child has to kill their dreams over the hard reality of the career. A person with full dedication to follow their passion as a career looks for the support that encourages the person to go ahead. His story inspires us to follow our dreams. Never give on dreams. Tarun understood his passion and responsibilities at an early age. At the age of 23 he is pursuing at Avadh university Ayodhya. Tarun would be happy to help those children who want to carry forward with their desires. He doesn’t want anyone to leave their dreams and live a career. As we only have only one life to live. Hard work will never let you down. Tarun’s story and dedication convey a message that there is no age for achieving your goals and dreams. Work in silence and let your results make the noise. His story encourages us to do things with full heart and interest. Don’t let any world saying stops you to achieve success. Tarun’s hard work has taught us a lesson to take responsibility for your dreams and career.

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